About Nick

Nick is a personal and corporate security expert with extensive experience of working in hostile and threatening environments. As a trained kidnap negotiator he is retained by one of the major kidnap response organisations to manage crisis situations.

He works with a team of tried and trusted security consultants to put effective and bespoke security strategies in place that:

  • give high net worth individuals and blue chip executives the freedom to conduct their work and business lives with peace of mind
  • allow organisations to demonstrate that security risks have been mitigated.

SAS career

Nick joined the British Army in 1975. At 19 he became one of the youngest men ever to pass into the SAS (Special Air Services) and served with the regiment until he left the Army in 1998. In that time he rose to become the Chief Instructor of the Regiment’s Training Squadron.

He has extensive operational experience, notably:

  • the Falklands Conflict, where he was part of an intelligence-gathering patrol deployed several weeks in advance of the main Task Force
  • the first Gulf War, where he operated behind enemy lines as the mobility expert of his squadron
  • in Latin America, where he made a significant and extended contribution to the UK military assistance programme to the Government of Colombia in its fight against narco-terrorism.

In the later years of his Army career he worked extensively with a number of government agencies, largely in the field of counter-terrorism.

Corporate and personal security experience and South American expertise

After leaving the British Army in 1998 and before setting up ISL in 2006, Nick worked as the Security Director of a major US-Mexican banking consortium with assets valued at over $8 billion. His role involved the management of all aspects of corporate security risk including the operational direction and training of personal security staff for the consortium’s senior executives and their families, especially when in Mexico.

Nick’s experience in South America throughout his career means he is fluent in Spanish. He has an in-depth and current understanding of the problems such as kidnap and extortion faced by high net worth individuals in the region. He has worked extensively with such individuals and their entourages to develop bespoke security measures that mitigate risk.

Global corporate security credentials and contacts

While much of his hands-on experience lies in personal and corporate security in South America, Nick has considerable experience in directing and developing risk management strategies worldwide. In such instances he calls on specific country expertise from a network of trusted and valued contacts who have an understanding of the risks high net worth individuals face and the experience to develop personalised counter-measures to guard against them. He also has contacts with special risk insurance companies who specialize in providing insurance policies that reflect the existence of a bespoke crisis management plan.