Minimising the Threat of Kidnap

Client High profile banking family
Region Mexico and the USA
Problem High threat of kidnap
Solution A radical overhaul of all aspects of the family’s existing security structure
Result A living and working environment not dictated by the risk of kidnap

This high profile banking family live and work in Mexico and the USA. The threat of kidnap when based in Mexico was deemed to be so high that the family was being advised to base itself in the USA permanently. As such a move would damage the family’s corporate interests, such a move needed to be avoided. Nick was tasked with putting strategies in place that would allow family members to conduct their personal and professional lives in both Mexico and the USA in an environment of considerably reduced risk.

The solution in this situation was to implement a fully integrated system that utilized the benefits of technology but also thoroughly briefed all members of the family, the household and the security team in the risks being faced, how these risks related to them and how to mitigate against them.

The result is that the family now faces a significantly reduced threat of kidnap. The family members continue to live and work in both Mexico and the USA. Nick continues to work with the family to ensure this remains the case.

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